Happy Birthday, Herbie!

June 28 is the official birthday of Walt Disney’s Love Bug. Therefore we’re celebrating Herbie’s 50th anniversary this year and especially on this particular day, even though our Love Bug wasn’t manufactured on that exact date. But one is for sure, 1963 is the year in which Herbies all around the world were made. Happy Birthday!

Domi celebrated Herbie’s B-Day together with our friends Georgy, Matthias and Florian (from left to right) and their Beetles at a vintage car show in the South of Vienna.


The International Day of the VW Beetle

Today, June 22, we’re celebrating the International Day of the Volkswagen Beetle. Thanks to this unique car we were able to travel all around the world within the past four years.

Herbie’s Got a Friend

Today Domi and his friend Matthias, nephew of Friedrich Hübsch, picked up a 1960 Volkswagen Bug in the very South of Burgenland, one of nine Austrian provinces.

The black Beetle resides in its original condition. It still has the original paint, six volt and 1,192 cc with 30 horsepower. And it seems like that this vehicle has never been welded.

The only question remains is, who the next owners will be? Either Katharina, a friend and DLV club member of ours, or Domi and Zainab. Anyway, Herbie found a new friend!

The VW Show in Laxenburg

Matthias, Georgy and Domi visited the biannual air-cooled Volkswagen show in Laxenburg. More than 100 vehicles showed up – from Beetles to Kombis and Buggies to Brezels. Thanks to the “VW Beetle and Bulli Lover’s Club Laxenburg” for that wonderful day. The “DLV – Aircooled Community” are patronizing you.

Attacking the Defenseless

Somebody hurt Herbie last week! His rear bumper got hit and the radio antenna broken. We traveled around the world in 80 countries and nobody ever did this to Herbie.

It is very sad that people do such things. It is actually a shame that Austrians can behave like that. The bumper got hit even two times – deliberately or unintentionally?

We’ll also have to buy a new antenna as somebody broke the old one off. Why would this person do this? Sometimes we just don’t understand other human beings.

Floods in Austria

Although we are an “Aircooled Community”, we couldn’t avoid coming across water on the streets of Eastern Austria. As Herbie is tucked away safely on a hill, we’re driving “Trabi” these days. Herbie encountered enough “watering obstacles” on his way round the world. Yesterday Domi and his friend Flo (from DLV) inspected some local flooded roads.