Herbie’s Got a Friend

Today Domi and his friend Matthias, nephew of Friedrich Hübsch, picked up a 1960 Volkswagen Bug in the very South of Burgenland, one of nine Austrian provinces.

The black Beetle resides in its original condition. It still has the original paint, six volt and 1,192 cc with 30 horsepower. And it seems like that this vehicle has never been welded.

The only question remains is, who the next owners will be? Either Katharina, a friend and DLV club member of ours, or Domi and Zainab. Anyway, Herbie found a new friend!


3 thoughts on “Herbie’s Got a Friend

  1. Black Beauty. The new friend has the potential to become a celebrity as well.
    Port Elizabeth
    south Africa

  2. Im Glad To hear Herbie Has A Friend Thats The Same Age I Am. Yes I Was Born In1960 My Self.
    Its To Bad I Live So Far Away. I Could Use AVolkswagon Beatle. I Would Buy It Off you If I Were There. Only If You Were Willing To Sell it .but You Probably Would Want To Keep It For Someome You Know Or Yourself. & I Respect That. Anyway.Good Luck With It. I Hope You Recieved My Past Messeges? From Yours & Herbies Friend, Paul L Costa.

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