Drive Out, Herbie!

The South African adventure travel magazine “Drive Out” features a story on Herbie’s World Tour in its latest edition including six full pages about Herbie’s “gravel travel”.


4 thoughts on “Drive Out, Herbie!

  1. Okay, One More Message. Later This Month Of June, I Will Be Sending Birthday Wishes For Herbie, According To His Birth Of June 28th,1968. I Was 7 & A Half Almost 8 At That Time When Herbie 1St Rode On To The scene. & He Still Looks Great. Yours & Herbies Fan.Paul L Costa.

  2. I Want To Congratulate You Domi & Zainab & Herbie On Completting A Succesefull World tour & Glad You Made It Back Safely, Im Proud of you & What You Acomplished. I Must Say, Herbie Is One Tough Beatle, Now Thats The Power Of German Engineering. From A Huge an Of Yours & Herbie. Paul L Costa. Stay Safe My Friends.

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