Salzburg And Beyond

This week Domi and Flo drove to Bavaria, Germany, where they picked up again another Volkswagen Bug “1600i” for their friend Friedrich. On the way, Herbie made a stop in Salzburg, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Flo and Domi strolled around downtown and had a little coffee break. They enjoyed this trip a lot!


The Hanging Bug

Recently we cut a Volkswagen Bug into halves and hung its passenger’s side up on the wall of Friedrich’s shop in Vienna. The Bug is from the mid 90ies made in Mexico.

See the hanging Bug at Helenengasse Viaduktbogen 23 in Vienna’s second district!

1,700 Miles in 48 Hours

This week, Domi and Flo made a trip over 1,700 miles (about 2,700 km) to Germany. They picked up a Volkswagen Bug “1600i” (fuel injected 1,600 cc) from 1995 for their friend and mechanic Friedrich. They also got some special spare parts for him.

Flo and Domi started their trip in the morning and were gone for almost 48 hours.

On the freeway they met a Volkswagen Bug “Ovali” (with the oval rear window).

The picture above shows its proud owner and Flo at a rest area in Germany.

After 24 hours Domi and Flo arrived at the car dealer and their bought car (left).

VW “1600i” are very rare in Austria. They are featured with a fuel injected engine.

But the Bug wasted a lot of oil on their way back – unbelievable two gallons!!!

Probably the gaskets of the oil cooler were the reason for this big oil loss. Anyway they made it back to Vienna and are safe. Next week they will make another trip to Germany in order to pick up a “1600i”, but this time they just have to drive to Bavaria.

Photos of Late Summer Ride 2012

Here are the pictures of the first “DLV Late Summer Ride”, which took place yesterday. We were driving our new friend “Trabi” and we had a blast! You can find more photos by following this link. The whole event was a full success. More than 50 air-cooled vehicles showed up. We are already looking forward to next year’s ride!

Late Summer Ride 2012 by DLV

On September 16, there will be the first public air-cooled drive called “Late Summer Ride” along Vienna’s longest street, the world famous “Höhenstraße” winding through the forest of Austria’s capital. Herbie’s friends from DLV will organize this event, at which all air-cooled vintage cars are invited to take part. You can find more information by following this link or by clicking on the picture above!

Herbie Goes Britain

Herbie’s World Tour got featured in the latest version of “The Campervan Life” – a British air-cooled VW magazine. By clicking on the article below you’ll get to its website.


As you’ve probably read the article above, Herbie is still looking for sponsors for his ongoing trip around the world. If you are interested in supporting the Love Bug, please get in touch with us! We would love to have you as a part of Herbie’s World Tour!

Too Many Buts?

As we said, Herbie’s World Tour is not over yet! We are planning to explore Africa in Herbie No. II during the upcoming winter. Our first destination in Africa would be Cairo, Egypt, because we want to travel across Africa by going along the East Coast all the way down to South Africa. Originally, we thought that there are different ways to get there, but it turned out to be much more complicated. Is this a mission impossible?


  1. Primarily we were thinking about taking a ferry from somewhere in Italy directly to Alexandria, Egypt. BUT all ferries got suspended in the last years.
  2. Israel has a border with Egypt (Sinai Peninsula), so we were searching for a ferry to the Middle East. BUT also these ferries aren’t existing anymore.
  3. So we thought, why not taking the long way to Cairo – via France, Spain and Gibraltar through the African Arab countries. BUT Algeria and Libya require special permissions to enter the country (“invitation letter” etc.).
  4. Domi’s friend, Manuel, was traveling across Africa via Syria in 2009, BUT this seems to be impossible in 2012. Thanks Mr. Assad!

We’re still planning on continuing Herbie’s World Tour by traveling Africa, BUT on the one hand, there are no ferries from Europe to Africa across the Mediterranean Sea and on the other hand, countries like Syria or Libya make it almost impossible to cross.

Where there is a will, there is a way! BUT where? Too many “buts”?