Got Vaccinated?

Infectious diseases are a big topic for every traveler. Especially if you intend to visit certain countries, you’ll have to think about the local circumstances which can affect your personal health. In many cases you’ll even have to constrain that you are vaccinated against particular diseases.

The so-called “International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis” should prove that you got the vaccine the respective country demands. Although we never got vaccinated against any kind of disease and never took prophylaxis or any other conventional drug, we traveled 80 countries within four years without being sick a single time!

Instead we always used traditional ancient medicine in order to prevent illnesses. Therefore our first-aid kit included only three main cures: Dragon’s Blood (“Sangre de Drago”), Artemisia tea (from the sweet wormood called “Artemisia annua” against Malaria) and pure Grapefruit Seed Extract.