The Last Pond

The only connecting route between Gabon and the Republic of Congo is just an earth track with countless mud holes filled with more than knee-high water due to the current rain season (in Congo). Domi attached snow chains on Herbie’s rear wheels and then we had to willy-nilly rise to this frightening challenge.

Before every “mud hole”, we had to find out where the shallowest part of the water was. We were glad that Herbie won the battle against all these gigantic ponds on a stretch of 140 miles (230 km) – except the last one, which was the result of our own miscalculation as we chose the wrong path through the water. It all went so quickly and suddenly Herbie was floating in the water.

The water level went up above the seats. We had to carry our most important belongings to a dry place and luckily after a while some men came to help pushing Herbie and the camper onshore again. Out of question, these were horrible moments we were going through, not knowing what the consequences would be…


6 thoughts on “The Last Pond

  1. Oh my god !! Never seen cooler vw-pics! Must share them on my blog, hope its okay! Keep up the damn good work! LOVE U GUYS! You are crazy… hahaha 🙂

  2. I tried to do something like that once. The result was the same xD
    What a bad situation!
    Hope everything is fine now and there’s no big damages.

    Keep going, guys! Love you! ;-D

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