Attacking the Defenseless

Somebody hurt Herbie last week! His rear bumper got hit and the radio antenna broken. We traveled around the world in 80 countries and nobody ever did this to Herbie.

It is very sad that people do such things. It is actually a shame that Austrians can behave like that. The bumper got hit even two times – deliberately or unintentionally?

We’ll also have to buy a new antenna as somebody broke the old one off. Why would this person do this? Sometimes we just don’t understand other human beings.


9 thoughts on “Attacking the Defenseless

  1. Hallo Domi !!!
    Leider gibt’s Blöde Leute. Schade.
    Ich lese immer deine Posts und sind alle sehr interesant !!!
    Eure Bilder sind ganz Toll, desto mehr für ein VW fan wie ich.

    Herzliche Grüße aus Argentinien

  2. What a pity!!! We would rather expect such tings to happen in South Africa than in Austria. of all places. The damage to poor Herbie’s bumper looks very deliberate to us and is most probably done by the same stupid dumb clot that broke off the aerial.
    Have a groovy time in the meantime!
    Koos and Esmé JBC Pretoria

  3. So sorry to hear such news. Some people really cannot stand and admire what they see, and so they are stupid enough to act like that. I know that Herbie will be back in his perfect shape back again soon, – Lino (Malta).

  4. Very sad indeed… Tomorrow I will be thinking about you at the VW Classic in Irvine, California where we met last year. (Your friend from San Diego) Pascal

  5. OH NO! What idiot Could Have Done That, I Cant Beleive It either.Poor Herbie.Im Sorry to Hear That happen. Its A shame How Stupid & careless people Can be. Its to Bad They Didnt get Caught.My Sympathy Goes Out To You & Herbie. I Hope He Gets Fixed Soon. & Being The Great Owners That You Are, I know Herbie Will Be As Good As new.Thank You For Keeping Me Posted. I Appreciate It. & Hope It Dont Happen Again.Your Friend & Herbies. Paul L Costa.

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