Käfer Forever

Just received a sample of another book 📖 featuring Herbie’s World Tour…

Thank you for sharing our story!

Herbie in “Heute”

In today’s paper 📰 “Heute” …

Time To Say Goodbye

Goodbye Herbie! 😢
We hope to see you soon again 🙏 …

As for now, we’re heading to Los Angeles to catch our flight back home and rented a Jeep to get there.

Herbie’s Going Back Home

After touring more than 3,300 miles (5,300 km) in Herbie across the US Southwest the past three weeks, we just arrived in his hometown of Ridgecrest, California, again.

Our final leg ended traditionally by traveling from Pahrump, Nevada, through Death Valley.

Death Valley Wilderness

Traveling back into Nevada by crossing Route 66 at Barstow and touring across Death Valley Wilderness. What a scenic drive again…

Herbie’s Our Champion!

Herbie became a US resident almost a decade ago. Therefore I have to inspect him technically myself, since the Austrian AAA is no longer “responsible” for that…

Today I was doing some maintenance work on Herbie again, just as changing the spark plugs etc. And we are proud to say that our beloved companion never ever let us down on our trip around the globe! He’s our champion!

Mecca, California

Ten years ago Herbie traveled with us through Saudi Arabia on our World Tour. This time we visited Mecca in California and we were enjoying all these beautiful date palm trees.

The Salvation Mountain

On our tour around Salton Sea we also visited the Salvation Mountain near Niland again.

In 2011, when we were there for the first time, we met the 80-year-old artist Leonard Knight, who created this wonderful site. Just a couple of years later he passed away. Leonard Knight and his mountain even appeared in the Hollywood movie “Into The Wild” by Sean Penn.

Bombay Beach by the Sea

Taking Herbie for a ride to the apocalyptic 💀 town of Bombay Beach 🌊 at the Salton Sea.

Palm Springs, California

Regards from 🌴 Palm Springs 🌴, where we’re staying to relax for a couple of days…