Herbie’s Got A Home

After ten years of residing in America, Herbie No. I eventually got a “home”. In 2010 we shipped Herbie from Australia to the United States in order to travel the entire Americas. Since that time our Love Bug was exposed to the outdoors until we just bought a 40 ft container as a garage for Herbie and the camper. Special thanks go to our dear friend Randy, who managed this deal for us and who became Herbie’s host years ago!

Unfortunately we couldn’t visit the US this year so far, but we hope to be able in autumn. We look forward to opening the container and seeing Herbie again. Stay tuned!

US Trip Canceled

Since travels to the US have been banned and our flight canceled, we won’t be able to continue Herbie’s World Tour, as we planned, in April. But we hope to be back on the road in autumn this year. We’ll keep you posted!

News from Route 66

Just discovered an article by “The Original Route 66 Gift Shop Newsletter” from September 2016, while we were touring the “Mother Road” back then. In less than a month we’ll be back there and we’re defenitely looking forward to “getting our kicks on Route 66” again!

Herbie’s Going Back Home

After touring more than 3,300 miles (5,300 km) in Herbie across the US Southwest the past three weeks, we just arrived in his hometown of Ridgecrest, California, again.

Our final leg ended traditionally by traveling from Pahrump, Nevada, through Death Valley.

Herbie’s Our Champion!

Herbie became a US resident almost a decade ago. Therefore I have to inspect him technically myself, since the Austrian AAA is no longer “responsible” for that…

Today I was doing some maintenance work on Herbie again, just as changing the spark plugs etc. And we are proud to say that our beloved companion never ever let us down on our trip around the globe! He’s our champion!

The Salvation Mountain

On our tour around Salton Sea we also visited the Salvation Mountain near Niland again.

In 2011, when we were there for the first time, we met the 80-year-old artist Leonard Knight, who created this wonderful site. Just a couple of years later he passed away. Leonard Knight and his mountain even appeared in the Hollywood movie “Into The Wild” by Sean Penn.

Roy’s Motel in Amboy, California

We just traveled from Las Vegas to Palm Springs in Southern California. In the small town of Amboy we crossed America’s Mother Road – the Route 66 – again and took a picture of our Love Bug in front of the world famous Roy’s Motel. Later on we admired the countless Joshua trees and the marvelous desert dunes along the road…

The King of Barbers

Traveling from Flagstaff towards Las Vegas via Seligman and Kingman on Arizona’s Route 66. A must-stop for Herbie and us is always Angel Delgadillo’s Barber Shop in downtown Kingman.

Arizona’s State Route 88

Herbie was facing some rough roads heading South from Winslow on Hwy. 99 and Hwy. 88 following Arizona’s Salt River passing Lake Roosevelt, Lake Apache and Canyon Lake. But the views were simply magnificent and Arizona’s State Route 88 is always worth a visit, even though most of it is unpaved.

Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

Feeling blessed to be back at Canyon de Chelly in the Navajo Nation in Arizona. This is one of our most favorite spots in the USA. It’s calm and relaxing and we just love the atmosphere here.

Monument Valley, Arizona/Utah

One of our must-do’s when touring the US Southwest is to travel through Monument Valley, located in the Navajo Nation. Whenever we get there, we always take some pictures at the very same spot on Hwy. 163.

And as we were heading North entering Utah and the small town of Mexican Hat, we stopped for the night at Domi’s most favorite motel in the Southwest.

Get Your Parts On Route 66

Kingman, Arizona – We had to get some spare parts in order to service Herbie. Almost around the corner of our motel, in fact a couple blocks down the so-called “Mother Road” (Route 66) we spotted Rod’s VW Shop.