Reunited with Herbie again

We picked up Herbie after being away from him for a year, serviced his carburetor and hit the road heading South to ️🌴 Palm Springs 🌴 where we are enjoying a little pit stop.

Back in the USA! We made it!

Touchdown! We made it!
After making a detour to Mexico, we finally returned back to the United States of America.

We are so happy to be back after our last journey to the US was cancelled in April due to Trump’s travel ban and flight cancellations.

Herbie’s World Tour can now be continued…

Herbie’s Got A Home

After ten years of residing in America, Herbie No. I eventually got a “home”. In 2010 we shipped Herbie from Australia to the United States in order to travel the entire Americas. Since that time our Love Bug was exposed to the outdoors until we just bought a 40 ft container as a garage for Herbie and the camper. Special thanks go to our dear friend Randy, who managed this deal for us and who became Herbie’s host years ago!

Unfortunately we couldn’t visit the US this year so far, but we hope to be able in autumn. We look forward to opening the container and seeing Herbie again. Stay tuned!

US Trip Canceled

Since travels to the US have been banned and our flight canceled, we won’t be able to continue Herbie’s World Tour, as we planned, in April. But we hope to be back on the road in autumn this year. We’ll keep you posted!

News from Route 66

Just discovered an article by “The Original Route 66 Gift Shop Newsletter” from September 2016, while we were touring the “Mother Road” back then. In less than a month we’ll be back there and we’re defenitely looking forward to “getting our kicks on Route 66” again!

Herbie’s Going Back Home

After touring more than 3,300 miles (5,300 km) in Herbie across the US Southwest the past three weeks, we just arrived in his hometown of Ridgecrest, California, again.

Our final leg ended traditionally by traveling from Pahrump, Nevada, through Death Valley.