Floods in Austria

Although we are an “Aircooled Community”, we couldn’t avoid coming across water on the streets of Eastern Austria. As Herbie is tucked away safely on a hill, we’re driving “Trabi” these days. Herbie encountered enough “watering obstacles” on his way round the world. Yesterday Domi and his friend Flo (from DLV) inspected some local flooded roads.


2 thoughts on “Floods in Austria

  1. Im Sorry To Hear About The Floods There In Austria.i Hope & Pray Your Alright Both You Domi & Zainab.&Your Out Of Harms Way. & Everyone Else In Austria.& Im Relieved To Hear Herbie Is Tucked Away Safely. Please Keep Me Informed Of Your Well Being. & God bless You & Everyone In Austria A Speedy Recovered. Your Friend Paul L Costa.

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