Too Many Buts?

As we said, Herbie’s World Tour is not over yet! We are planning to explore Africa in Herbie No. II during the upcoming winter. Our first destination in Africa would be Cairo, Egypt, because we want to travel across Africa by going along the East Coast all the way down to South Africa. Originally, we thought that there are different ways to get there, but it turned out to be much more complicated. Is this a mission impossible?


  1. Primarily we were thinking about taking a ferry from somewhere in Italy directly to Alexandria, Egypt. BUT all ferries got suspended in the last years.
  2. Israel has a border with Egypt (Sinai Peninsula), so we were searching for a ferry to the Middle East. BUT also these ferries aren’t existing anymore.
  3. So we thought, why not taking the long way to Cairo – via France, Spain and Gibraltar through the African Arab countries. BUT Algeria and Libya require special permissions to enter the country (“invitation letter” etc.).
  4. Domi’s friend, Manuel, was traveling across Africa via Syria in 2009, BUT this seems to be impossible in 2012. Thanks Mr. Assad!

We’re still planning on continuing Herbie’s World Tour by traveling Africa, BUT on the one hand, there are no ferries from Europe to Africa across the Mediterranean Sea and on the other hand, countries like Syria or Libya make it almost impossible to cross.

Where there is a will, there is a way! BUT where? Too many “buts”?


3 thoughts on “Too Many Buts?

  1. Talvez seja melhor partir do Brasil rumo a Angola, na África e ai sim, percorrer alguns países africanos. O que você acha?
    WLADIMIR – Cataguases MG – Brasil

  2. Hi!!! The “buts” can made it better!!

    Have a nice trip!

    Leo – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil.

    – – – – – – –

    – More translations from ‘portuguese’ (Brazil) word:

    Sérgio Padilha said: “I would like to know when you come to Brazil, and what cities you go around. Big hug and have a nice trip.”

    (Ps.: In Brasil, we usually say “big hug” for those ones we like very much)

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