Herbie Goes Britain

Herbie’s World Tour got featured in the latest version of “The Campervan Life” – a British air-cooled VW magazine. By clicking on the article below you’ll get to its website.


As you’ve probably read the article above, Herbie is still looking for sponsors for his ongoing trip around the world. If you are interested in supporting the Love Bug, please get in touch with us! We would love to have you as a part of Herbie’s World Tour!


5 thoughts on “Herbie Goes Britain

  1. Translations:
    Wladimir Issac said: “Domi my dear, it is not possible that Volkswagen not sponsor the next trip with a curriculum that!!!


    And I agree fully with Mr. Wladimir Issac. It’s unbelievable that VW not sponsor de expedition with Herbie… event if it’s discontinued manufacturing.

    Best regards.

    Leonardo Guimarães

  2. Domi meu querido, não é possível que a Volks Wagem não patrocine a próxima viagem com um currículo desse!!!!!!
    WLADIMIR – Cataguases MG – Brasil

  3. Hi Guy’s.
    On the ”Herbie World Tour” sponsorship idea would $A2000.00 from ”Mick Motors” grant us major sponsorship for 12 months-if so what type of exposure / banner would you consider?
    Sincerely, Mick. for Mick Motors.

    • Hi Mick, from Mick Motors.

      Congratulations to sponsor them. Mick Motors has all my respect for that.

      Leonardo Guimarães.

      • Hey Leonardo,

        Thanks for your kind words and the translations!

        Yeah, it is great that Mick is sponsoring us for Africa. We are thankful for every financial support we can get in order to continue Herbie’s World Tour.

        All the best from Austria, Domi

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