Zion & Bryce Canyon National Park

Beaver, Utah – We just got back from a wonderful trip across Southern Utah, visiting the Zion and Bryce Canyon National Park. Even though we visited these place already several times, we always love to return to enjoy them again.


!!! 200,000 km Around The World !!!

Herbie made incredible 200,000 kilometers through 80 countries on 6 continents!
Thank you so much, Herbie, for every single mile
you drove us around the world and never let us down!
Domi & Zainab

The Great Grand Canyon

Our last visit of the Grand Canyon is already years ago. We have been there many times and we have always enjoyed those wonderful views. Therefore we visited Arizona’s great Grand Canyon today once again. In order to get there we followed the legendary Route 66 to Flagstaff, where we stayed overnight.

What is Vapor Lock?

As Europeans we didn’t know what vapor lock means, but as we were driving Herbie in extraordinary hot places, we had to learn it the hard way, by experiencing it on ourselves. Unfortunately it happened to us again a couple times on this trip. And it was and still is one of the most frightening things to us…

Vapor lock is actually a problem that mostly affects older vehicles with mechanically powered fuel pumps. When you drive a car in really hot areas and you stop somewhere and you turn the engine off, the heat of the engine as well as of the asphalt underneath and the extremely high outside temperatures may cause the fuel to vaporize within the gas line. When this happens, there is no way to get the car started again, because the fuel pump is not able to suck through the fuel. After that, there are two options: You either wait (and that takes long) or you open the carburetor, filling fuel right into the fuel chamber, hoping that the fuel pump can overcome the vapor lock by running long enough to suck through the fuel.

Downtown Las Vegas

Tonight we visited Downtown Las Vegas. Here are some pictures we took there…

The De Mello Bros

Today Domi met up with Wayne De Mello and his son Sal. Since more than a year they’re following Herbie’s World Tour as they found us on the net. They took Domi to the Las Vegas’ “Hofbräuhaus”, enjoying a decent “Maß of beer (one liter of beer).

Father and son De Mello are huge air-cooled Volkswagen fans. And as they were following our trip, knowing we would visit Vegas, they contacted us in advance. Domi enjoyed spending time with them and will meet them tomorrow again.

The Las Vegas Strip

After spending the last days in Pahrump, we headed to Las Vegas yesterday. We have been in the so-called “Sin City” already many, many times before. And even though we wouldn’t want to live here, we always enjoy our visits. In the evening we walked along Las Vegas Boulevard, better known as the Las Vegas Strip.

Happy, happy 30th Birthday, Zainab! We all love you so much!

Herz Geburtstagstorte Rote Rose Herz Geburtstagstorte Rote Rose Herz Geburtstagstorte Rote Rose Herz Geburtstagstorte Rote Rose Herz Geburtstagstorte Rote Rose Herz Geburtstagstorte Rote Rose Herz Geburtstagstorte Rote Rose Herz Geburtstagstorte Rote Rose

The Road to Death

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for You are with me; Your rod and Your Staff, they comfort me.” (Psalm 23, Holy Bible)

Today we took Herbie for a ride to the Valley of Death, better known as Death Valley National Park. As we are staying in Pahrump, Nevada, right now, we had to cross the border entering California again. We have been in Death Valley many times, but we never approached the lowest point of the United States coming via this route.

Actually, one of the most “dangerous” things which may happen to you, when you stop in such extremely hot areas and you turn off the engine; that your car vapor locks. It happened to us already so many times that we’re getting used to it.

Extend my Stay, please!

Pahrump, Nevada – This town is one of the major entrance gates to California’s Death Valley and is located close to the state border just East of the National Park. Initially, we wanted to stay here just overnight, but we’ve been enjoying this place so much that we have decided to extend our stay for another night or two.

We also got a pretty good deal on a four star casino resort in Reno and so we stayed there more than one night, too. The view from the 20th floor was just wonderful.

Actually, we are on our way to Las Vegas and haven’t expected to stay in Nevada that long, as we’ll stay in Sin City as well at least three nights. But as we have traveled the Silver State in the past not as much as other Southwestern states of the USA, we really appreciate to get to see more places in Nevada.