The Visa Countdown

Good news! We got already visas for seven countries since we are in Morocco’s capital. So, there are just four more left we are eager to get: Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cameroon and Sudan. Here are some examples we obtained so far:






The Kasbah of the Udayas

Yesterday we did a little sight-seeing tour visiting the old castle as well as the so-called “Kasbah of the Udayas” (Rabat’s ancient city walls) and its Andalusian Gardens. Later on we enjoyed time overlooking the city center while the sun slowly set.

Cooking Brunch in Rabat

Weekend – time for preparing a proper meal. Today we had steamed Hokkaido pumpkin with fresh sliced tomatoes, bell peppers, avocadoes and olives. Bon appetite!

Crash Testing Herbie

Today we just escaped again a horrible car accident on our way out of the city center. And this was already number three today. A big truck just passed out to the side.

One of the major risks while traveling by car is to be involved in a crash. Almost every single day of traveling we’ve watched serious car accidents just in front of us. We are very grateful that we’ve never been involved. Herbie’s crash test rating fails!

No single Drop!

Herbie’s engine lost or burnt not a single drop of oil on our ongoing trip to Africa, although we’ve already driven more than 1,400 miles (2,200 kilometers) so far.

Domi did a great job when he rebuilt this motor on his own back in Austria. We are convinced that the small 1,200 cc engines (34 hp) are the longest lasting ones.

Another Week in Morocco’s Capital

This cute little cat comes to visit us every day on our parking spot. Unfortunately it is hard to make her understand that we are vegetarians and we have nothing to offer.

Also other animals can be seen on a daily basis. Next to the shopping mall, where we usually park our Love Bug set-up, you can see cow herds passing by.

Finally Domi fixed the leaking window rubber seals of our camper “QEK Junior”. He used just simple transparent silicone he bought at the supermarket nearby.

We are so glad that we left Europe at the best time possible. There it was getting freezing cold and now in Morocco we can get very nice warm temperatures.

We’re spending now the second week in Morocco’s capital, Rabat. So far we got the visas for five countries, but we’re still applying for six more countries in Africa.

Austria, النمسا, Autriche

Morocco has always been (because of the Strait of Gibraltar) the major gate for Austrian expeditions to Africa. We also started our kind of “expedition” here.

After touring more than 96,000 miles (155,000 km) through countless countries around the world, we are now about to travel all across our last missing continent.

Thanks to the Austrian Embassy

Yesterday we met Claudia Schneeweiss from the Austrian Embassy. The consul, Mr. Gottfried Haffner, and she were a great help in clearing some red tape visa hurdles.

It felt really haimish to us visiting the domicile of the Austrian diplomatic representation. Thank you, Miss Schneeweiss, for your hospitality and kind support!

Austrian Expedition Trucks

Yesterday we met young travelers from Upper Austria. They also came to Rabat because of getting some “visa work” done. So, they parked their huge expedition trucks in the street of the Mauritanian embassy and had to wake up at three o’clock in the morning today in order to wait in line for almost five hours until the embassy opened.

Domi helped them with filling out the French written visa application form.

The fellow Austrian travelers are on their way to travel all over West Africa.

However we are still in Rabat trying to get as many visas we can.

Blogging Anniversary

Exactly twelve months ago we started this blog named “Herbie’s World Tour”. Since then we posted far more than 200 articles and welcomed ump-thousand visitors.

At this point we want to say thank you for following the adventures of our so-called Love Bug who obviously has got the travel bug, pulling the camper all around the world!