The Moment of Truth

Actually we were told that it is impossible to get a generator (dynamo) in Colombia, but we finally got a new one today. At last we can install both parts tomorrow morning.

It was really a nightmare that came true for us the last weeks. We had to go through a very, very stressful time, but we always tried to believe in a solution.

If everything works out well tomorrow we’ll be truly happy to leave Cartagena. Domi has to dismantle all parts a very last time in order to replace the generator and regulator.

With a Little Help from My Friends

A thrilling day is coming up! We’ll hopefully receive the new alternator today and Domi is able do the whole conversion from generator to alternator. Therefore he sought for last hints and contacted his dear friends from Europe – Andi, Flo and Friedrich.

Andi lives in Bavaria, Flo was attending a class at his university in Vienna, Friedrich stays at a hospital in Burgenland and we are in Colombia. We were all connected via internet chatting about the conversion and other air-cooled VW stuff.