One Week to go

In just about a week we’ll leave our camp in Ridgecrest. We’re going to drive all the way through Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas in order to cross the Mexican border. Our destination will be the port of Veracruz on the east coast of Mexico. Herbie has to take a ship to Colombia (South America) and we’ll take a flight.

As we already toured across all 48 continental United States in Herbie and the camper we want to show you a beautiful spot in each state we’ll have to travel through again now.

Imperial Sand Dunes, California

Monument Valley, Arizona

White Sands, New Mexico

Big Bend, Texas

Pacific coast, Mexico


Things we live without

When we are on travels we abstain from many things which may be so normal to others, even though we have to live without some features features, because our vehicle or camper simply doesn’t offer it. But at least since we are on the road exploring the earth we got used to get along totally without certain daily goods others take so very much for granted.

We got no cell phone or iPhone, no Facebook or Twitter, no Lonely Planet, no TV, no iPad, no GPS, no heater (in our trailer), no A/C (in our car and camper), no airbags, no seat belts, no head restraints, no ABS (anti-lock brake system), no power steering and no brake booster unit.

But recently we finally got a blog, so you can follow Herbie’s adventures!

Anti-Theft Device

Today Domi bought a steering wheel pedal lock at a local auto part store for our trip to Mexico and South America. If somebody wants to steal Ocho, he would be still able to do so but we want to make it more difficult. Hopefully everything will be fine and our Number 53 will return to the USA safely.

Wandrin’s last post for 2011

Our friend and long time traveler Lloyd Treichel dedicated his very last post for 2011 to Herbie and our ongoing trip around the world. Look it up via his blog called Wandrin.

We got to know Lloyd when we met him just about a year ago in Yuma, Arizona. He told us about “enjoying a life of nomadic exploring”. Back then he already posted an entry about Herbie Around The World.

Thank you Lloyd and we’re looking forward to seeing you soon!