The Long Way Round

Herbie accomplished the long way round Africa! While most overlanders “just” travel along the east coast, the Love Bug included the western side of the continent as well. We’ve driven 30,000 kilometers (or 18,650 miles), exploring 21 African countries! Tomorrow we’ll hopefully get on board a ferry to Turkey, from where we’ll be driving back home.

On the entire Africa trip, Herbie “broke down” only once, when we meant to go swimming in Congo. In Angola we also tried to teach him how to fly. And in Cameroon and Kenya, he had to face the most horrible battles against mud – dry as well as splashy. (Just click on the words written in blue to find out more about Herbie’s biggest challenges!)


8 thoughts on “The Long Way Round

  1. Hei Zainab & Domi!

    We wish you a save journey over the sea and through Europe and are very much looking forward to finally seeing you again!! 🙂

    Spring is in full bloom here and the weather is great! 🙂

    See you soon!!

    C & C

  2. Domi, it has been truly inspirational meeting with you and the love bug here at the top of Africa. Your stories of your travels have enthralled us and we look forward to traveling out of Africa and through Turkey with you.

  3. Why are you taking a ferry across the Mediterranean Sea instead of driving through Israel, Lebanon, and war-torn Syria?

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