Finish: Overland Africa!

Herbie made it! Again! The same applies also to all the others, who we’ve met on our long way around, touring across this huge continent. It was really a challenging “Safari”!

Yesterday we got to know Geoff Biermann and Terence Tracey (right), who’ve driven their “Hillman Imp” from 1964 all the way up, coming from Johannesburg, South Africa. Check out their blog! They will still travel all across Turkey and Europe towards the UK.

And we met Slobodan Vukojevic from Serbia, who’s been traveling the world on a “Suzuki” motorbike since 2010. He managed to enter Egypt without a “Carnet de Passages”, going now south, heading towards South Africa. His website is called “Ride the World”.

And of course our lovely friend from Spain, Monserrate Espinosa, who’s been exploring the world in a “Toyota 4Runner” since 2009. Unfortunately he doesn’t have a webpage anymore. We’re hanging out with him since we met him for the first time in Sudan.


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