The Exodus from Egypt

Port Said – we are waiting for our ship to come. Tomorrow or on the day after we’ll go aboard a ferry to Iskenderun, Turkey, from where we’re going to travel back to Europe.

Yesterday we arrived at the Atlantic shore, after spending some time in Cairo. It has its shady sides, but we enjoyed hanging out there, visiting family and strolling around.

We love the diversity of Egyptian nature. The Nile as well as the Sahara Desert and its wonderful oasis are more than worth a visit. In 2009 we traveled all over the country.

Egyptian traffic is real crazy! This was the first time on Herbie’s World Tour we were a bit unlucky: The camper got hit! Egyptian drivers are always very “touchy”. No wonder!

When we entered the city limits of Port Said, we had to stop at a speed bump. In this moment, an Egyptian pick-up, carrying horse and donkey “smashed” into our tail light.

Meanwhile, Herbie and the caravan, QEK, are parked inside the port in order to finish customs duties. We already gave our temporary Egyptian license plates back.

In Cairo we stayed at the “Dahab Hostel” – it’s a simple but also very nice place to stay. The only pity is that they aren’t offering any parking (they are on the seventh floor).

Before we traveled across the desert in order to reach Cairo and eventually Port Said, we visited the Valley of the Kings, near Luxor. Simply magnificent to see these tombs!


3 thoughts on “The Exodus from Egypt

  1. Darf hier kurz meine Erleichterung über Euren Besuch beim Tal der Könige kund tun (mein Englisch ist zuschlecht und somit wird auf Deutsch geschrieben): Endlich Kultur!! Bin stolz auf Euch! Da springt mein Kunsthistorisches Herz dreimal höher!! Müsst ihr mir haargenau dann alles erzählen!!
    Freu mich auf Euch!

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