The Lake Malawi

Herbie is almost driving alone on Malawi’s lakeside roads – maybe as gas prices are pretty outrageous compared to what people are able to earn for their living. Today we stopped by Nkhata Bay, staying for a little while at “Big Blue Star Backpackers”.


10 thoughts on “The Lake Malawi

  1. Hey Kids!! Gorgeous view including Zainab!!!!!!!
    Love and miss you 2 can’t wait to see you this summer!!!!!! Yahoo Safe travels!!!!

  2. Jeeezzasss guys! these last three posts are magnific! how jealus i am… and how luky because your share !
    Keep up! greetings from Portugal

  3. It looks beautiful where you are. It sure beats the snow we’re getting right now here in southeastern Pennsylvania (I hate snow). Send some of that paradise over here. 🙂

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