The Republic of Mozambique

Another country where we had to freshen our poor Portuguese, that we learned while staying in Angola, was Mozambique. We entered that beautiful country coming from the Kruger National Park passing Maputo, its capital, and heading north to Malawi.

Mozambique offers gorgeous beaches, friendly people as well as a clean environment. As long as you stay on the main route, the street conditions are pretty okay, except those countless potholes on some highway stretches, especially towards Malawi.


2 thoughts on “The Republic of Mozambique

  1. Greetings, hope my last comment was posted but if not, we are shipping Stewball to Cape Town May, 2014 for a rally through 7 countries in south Africa. Most of which you have been to. Have you had any problems with fuel? Road conditions? Any personal/health issues? Any words of wisdom from ones who will follow in your footsteps are appreciated. Janet and Ed

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