Entering Tanzania

After we left Malawi and its homonymous lake, we entered the United Republic of Tanzania. There we stayed at a campsite in Tukuyu, managed by a local charity organization that provides free education to young people.

Back on the road we spotted two Volkswagen Beetles, sitting next to the street. Today we reached Kitonga and tomorrow we’ll be heading further east towards the coast in order to eventually cross the border to Kenya besides the Indian Ocean.


1 thought on “Entering Tanzania

  1. Hi. I have been following your journey with keen interest and I am excited to read today that you will be coming to my country Kenya. I Just wanted to know if you will be passing through Nairobi. If so, would it be possible to meet up? We have a Club of VW enthusiasts (nothing like the VW club in SA). It would really be awesome if we could meet up for a photo shoot.

    Kind Regards
    Francis WAWERU

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