Arnize Go 2 Africa

Herbie’s World Tour has been taking a little break! We’ve been spending a wonderful time with Arno and Elize in Mossel Bay, since we arrived here on Valentine’s day. Tomorrow we’ll drive together to Victoria Bay in order to go camping by the sea.

Arno and Elize (“Arnize”) are eager to start their trip across East Africa too, as they will take off in just about a month. Above you can see Arno with their travel companion “Bakkie” (a Toyota Hilux 4×4), in which “Arnize Go 2 Africa” (their blog).

This is that gorgeous view over the Indian Ocean from the balcony of Arnize’s apartment, which we’ve been glorying the last couple days. Thank you, Arno and Elize!

We are so grateful that Arno and Elize invited us to their home, although they didn’t even know us personally. We’ve found another good friends on our travels.

Yesterday, Arno helped Domi washing Herbie and QEK, the camper. There was still a lot of red muddy soil from Congo on them, they were trying to get rid of it.

We are chatting the whole day long about all the world and his brother as well as exchanging our experiences of traveling Africa and other parts of the earth.

Our Love Bug set-up has also been taking a rest from touring Africa’s west coast. But tomorrow we’ll continue traveling, further along the South African shore.

Arnize will take about the same route going north than we do: South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt and from there to Europe.

Herbie’s engine is running in almost the same manner as we started, even though this motor was set on fire, drowned in water, flew in the air as well as driving us thousands of miles across the African continent. Thank you, Herbie! Cheer up!


2 thoughts on “Arnize Go 2 Africa

  1. We are very grateful for the oppertunity to have you two very special persons under our roof (and Herbie and caravan safely tucked away in the garage):-):-) A huge thank you for staying with us and share a little bit of precious lifetime with us. Time is the most precious gift one can give another and we enjoyed your time with us enormously!!

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