Camping at Victoria Bay

Arnize (Arno and Elize) went camping with us at Victoria Bay for the last two days.

Before that we spent almost a week with them at their home in Mossel Bay.

Yesterday evening, Adriaan Pienaar from the “Hot Wheels Club” came to visit us.

He even surprised us with a personal letter and a talisman. Thank you so much!

We spent the entire evening chatting about the adventures of Arnize and Herbie.

But today we eventually had to say good-bye to Arnize and their “Bakkie”.

However we’re so looking forward to meeting them again somewhere in the future.

We hit the road heading east, while Arno and Elize got back to Mossel Bay.

Tomorrow we’ll visit the VW factory and its museum (“AutoPavilion”) in Uitenhage.

From there we’ll drive further east towards Durban and from there to Pretoria.

In Pretoria we’re planning to apply for all visas we’ll need for Africa’s east coast.

Furthermore, we want to visit Wernher Hartzenberg from “Air-cooled Wonders”, who traveled across Africa in a 1959 Volkswagen Kombi named “Mabel” in 1999.


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