Valentine’s Day with Arno & Elize

We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day visiting Arno and Elize van der Merwe in Mossel Bay. They got to know us via the Africa Overland Network and wanted to meet up.

Arno and Elize are also adventurous travelers and followed Herbie’s World Tour while we were heading south on the west side of Africa towards the Cape of Good Hope.

They contacted us on our webpage and invited us to their beautiful home right in the heart of Mossel Bay, a bit more than 270 miles (or 440 kilometers) east of Cape Town.

They even organized a safe place to stay for Herbie and the caravan, right underneath the apartment in a big garage, while we got our own bed- and bathroom.

In April, Arno and Elize will start their very own Africa overland trip. They’ll take a couple months off and we’ll be heading north on Africa’s east side towards Europe.

And they got the perfect gear for touring this continent: A Toyota Hilux 4WD from 1994. Follow their journey “Arnize Go 2 Africa”, which will start already very, very soon!

We really enjoy spending time with the Van der Merwe’s. Thank you for inviting us, Arno and Elize! And thank you for giving us the chance to get to know you!


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