Herbie’s Tour Continues!

In one week, on May 1, we’ll go back to United States of America, where we’ll reunite with Herbie No. I and our beloved Californian friends after almost two years again.

One of those friends is Lyle. He has always been the host of our camp in Ridgecrest, Kern County, and he’s also the proud “wizard” of the illustrious “West Oz House”.

We can hardly wait to take our Love Bug for another ride. Below you can see him in front of “Trona’s Fish Rocks”, just outside of Death Valley – the driest area in North America.

Stay on board and follow Herbie’s trip across the US Southwest!


9 thoughts on “Herbie’s Tour Continues!

  1. I just watched the incredible Story of VIN 903847 — a 1955 Volkswagen Beetle that traveled around the world more than 50 years ago!

    Zainab & Domi I guess you have seen this video, but in case you have not, take a look since its an amazing story to watch.
    the trailer

    and the short 30 minutes approx related movie

  2. Eu gostaria de fazer viagem dessas. Também tenho fusca a trinta anos… Um fusca 1973 cor ocre marajó.

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