Traveling Australia Mick’s Way

His travel just started recently. Mick Miller is on his way touring the Australian continent in a VW Beetle from 1967. You can follow his journey on his site:

Around March 2013, I was in a situation that was extremely challenging, I was diagnosed with cancer. This was a wake up call to make a few changes in my life, for which I am incredibly grateful”, said Mick. Traveling Australia is a big change indeed!

We remember circling this huge island in 2010 before shipping Herbie and the caravan from Brisbane to North America. There we got to know another Mick (from “Mick Motors”). He helped us repairing our Love Bug and sponsored us on our African trip.

On May 1 we’ll fly to the United States in order to go on another trip in Herbie No. I,  starting from Ridgecrest, California. We’ll be traveling California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada.


7 thoughts on “Traveling Australia Mick’s Way

  1. Hey Kids
    Have a safe journey and hope all your plans are goings great! we love and miss you so and were looking so forward to sharing your special day, we will be there in our hearts!!
    Love as always
    Don and Sheila

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