The 30 Years of Domi

Domi turned 30! Therefore we celebrated his big birthday in one of Vienna’s pubs called “Morgenstern”. Many friends and family members came to congratulate him.

Special thanks go to Flo, Friedrich, Eva, Heinz, Gabriel, Michi, Georgy, Fabi, Christian, Benjamin, Matthias and of course Zainab who made Domi the most marvelous present. They surprised him with a “Trabant” station wagon from the old GDR (DDR).



5 thoughts on “The 30 Years of Domi

  1. Dear Domi
    Congratulations and many happy returns. What a splendid birthday present. Here in South Africa, we only get a bottle of wine. Only Esmé was lucky to get a cucoo clock in Vienna for her birthday.
    Koos and Esmé

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