Late Summer Ride 2013 by DLV

Before the season is over, we, the club of DLV, invited to this year’s “Late Summer Ride” in the Vienna Woods. Even though the weather was not ideal, many air-cooled vehicles came and attended the round trip along the world famous “Höhenstraße”.


3 thoughts on “Late Summer Ride 2013 by DLV

  1. Hey Kids how’s it going? So great to see your updates and we are so sorry we haven’t been in touch but it had been a busy summer with the family reunion and Dons major surgery but we are pleased to announce that both went excellent and Don is doing great and we are busy planning our winter south bond inthe next few weeks! Can’t believe how fast this summer went, obviously a lot busier than we had planned.. Hope your plans for next year include Canada and us along the way. Take care. TTYL . Love and miss you Two very much. Stay safe …
    Don and Sheila

  2. As a Big Fan of Herbie, i will Continue to Commemorate his Anniversary the rest of the year. Follow Herbie for life. All the best to Him. Stay Running my Friend. From Paul L Costa from Oakland California.

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