Across the Lake Nasser

It was again such a sad moment, we had to experience on Herbie’s World Tour, when we said “good bye” to our Love Bug in Wadi Halfa, Sudan. They divided us, because Herbie had to go on a barge, after we went on the passenger ferry to Aswan, Egypt.

There is only one passenger ferry with about 550 people on board and one barge carrying cargo and a couple cars connecting Sudan with Egypt once a week.

As usually happens, Zainab got to know a bunch of kids, who admired her Arabian appearance and charisma. They were originally from Bahrain, Sudan and Egypt.

Both flags, the Sudanese as well as the Egyptian, were ran up in the air, as the ship crosses the border somewhere in the middle of Lake Nasser (or Nuba).

And we got to know a fellow overlanding traveler from Alicante, Spain (above right), who has been touring the world in a Toyota four by four since 2009.

Every ferry going north and south is working to capacity, as there is no other official way to cross the frontier between these two countries – except by air, of course.

Also a lot of young guys are taking their chance going to Egypt in order to find a kind of work, earning a better living than in their home country, Sudan.

As we reached Aswan about 18 hours after our departure in Wadi Halfa, we could see all the luxurious river cruise ships, going up and downstream the Nile.

In Aswan, we’re waiting now for the arrival of Herbie’s boat, before we can start the process of temporarily importing the Love Bug to Egypt – our last African country to visit.


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