Visiting the Kitatu Family

From the Kenyan coast we headed inland towards Nairobi, after passing through Mombasa via the Likoni ferry. Just a couple miles off the main highway we got to Kajire Village, where we visited the family of our dear friend Micah Mbogho Kitatu aka “Mike”.

We spent the entire Saturday afternoon and evening as well as Sunday morning sitting together with Mike, his lovely wife Loyce as well as their kids, Brenda, Jane and Benjamin (from left to right), chatting and looking through photo albums.

Domi got to know “Mike” on a vacation at Kenya’s Diani Beach in 2002. Before Herbie’s World Tour, in winter 2008, Domi invited him to Austria. Together with our families we celebrated Christmas and New Year’s Eve with our friend from Africa.

Since Domi got to know “Mike”, he has always been trying to support him. Thanks to Domi’s family, Micah owns now a little tractor, which helps him to make a living for the entire family. We’re still looking forward to welcoming Micah in Austria again!

Below you can see some pictures of Micah’s three weeks stay in Austria in 2008/09. There he also got to know snow for his very first time, even though he saw it already on the Kilimanjaro from a very far distance at his house in Kajire Village.

Yesterday we arrived in Nairobi, where we stayed at “Jungle Junction” (or “J-J’s”) for the night – a famous place for backpacker’s and overlander’s. Today we’ll head further up north, passing Mount Kenya and hitting the so-called “Trans-East-African Highway”, known to be the most dangerous and challenging stretch of “road” in East Africa and only connecting route to Ethiopia with hundreds of unpaved miles.


4 thoughts on “Visiting the Kitatu Family

  1. Looking forward to Cross Trans-East-African Highway from Tanzania to Europe with my Nissan X trail Hope i will complete the mission. 2016 Mid of June and July i will be ready to start my SAFARI OF LIFE TIME

  2. Too bad you ignored VW Anonymous Club’s invite for a brief meet up.. we just wanted some brief photo moment and probably check out your inspirational car. Safe travels!!!

      • Hey Domi and Zainab,

        Sorry I used the wrong wording. Was a bit worried that you’ve taken so long to make the next post until you wrote about the Trans-East-African Highway. You guys and Herbie are simply inspirational. VW Anonymous Club members, myself included will be making our maiden road trip across Africa – from Kenya to SouthAfrica later in the year, and will be surely referencing your blog like a Bible 🙂

        Safe travels and enjoy the remaining bit of the Love bug’s adventure. I’m religiously following your blog as always.


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