Kenya’s Indian Ocean

Since we arrived at Kenya’s coast, we’ve been enjoying the warm Indian Ocean at Diani Beach, close to a town called Ukunda in the Southeast of the country. In 2001, Domi already spent a summer vacation here for three weeks.

Tomorrow we’ll pass Mombasa and drive to Kajire Village to visit our good old friend, Micah Mbogho Kitatu. After that we’re going to head further inland to Nairobi.


17 thoughts on “Kenya’s Indian Ocean

    • the vw anonymous club of Kenya guys are eager to know what time you guys will pass a town called salama near nairobi, we have a barbecue of local delicacy,a free campsite and a bunch of fun guys and vws to hang out with….plus a professional photo shoot among other goodies! let us know, you can email Francis or call Steve on +254722816963, safe journey 🙂

  1. goodmorning guys 🙂 its raining alot in mombasa and thunder and lightning, im very excited to meet u guys and take pictures with herbie. so if u see an indian guy at the side of the road waving at u, that will be me 🙂

  2. So many of your pictures from Africa are spectacular, and breathtaking. Wish I was there with you guys. So instead, I will simply have to spend some time daydreaming. 🙂 What country will you be going to next, after Kenya?

      • Will you be traveling anywhere near Axum (Aksum) in northern Ethiopia, near the border with Eritrea?

      • No, we’ll cross over to Sudan heading towards Khartoum and further up to Lake Nasser in order to get to Egypt. The worst part in East Africa will hit us here in Kenya – the so-called “Trans-East-African-Highway” – 500 km of unpaved road towards Ethiopia. But Herbie will hopefully triumph again 😉

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