Thank You, Windhoek!

As we were sitting in a café called “Tornado” in downtown Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, we got to know its owners, Jens and his wife. They invited us to their home just a couple hundred meters away from their business. Thank you so much!

What a coincidence: It turned out that Jens, who moved from Germany to Namibia almost a decade ago, is a Volkswagen Bug enthusiast. His one is from 1972.

Jens recommended us a place (“Conti Trade”) where we could finally find spare parts we were looking for since Togo – a master brake cylinder and rear axle gaskets.

We hit Windhoek with a flat tire! So we went to “Fast Wheel & Tyre” and they actually sprang for the repair. Many thanks to Mr. Leon Smit, the Sales Manager, and his team! The reason for Herbie’s flat tire was a sharp sting from a tree.

Herbie’s speedometer wasn’t working anymore, after it made weird noises. Domi had to disassemble the whole part. Unfortunately he had to break the original seal from 1963 in order to lubricate the speedometer. But now it’s working again!

In Windhoek we could also get new triangular safety reflectors for our camper, “QEK”, after they got broken due to those bad road conditions in the Congo.

And we finally got the suitable axle fluid for Herbie, as we had to flush the transmission after the muddy water entry in Congo – a fully synthetic 75W-140.


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