Jackfruits in Brazil

As we just eat fruits and vegetables, we were so happy to find jackfruits in Brazil. They are very rare. We had them in India and Southeast Asia as well as on the Pacific coast of Mexico, but we didn’t know that we’d found them in South America too.

The jackfruit tree is well suited in tropical lowlands like Brazil, and its fruit is the largest tree-borne fruit, reaching as much as 80 pounds (36 kilogram) in weight.

Before you are able to eat the jackfruit, you have to open it and this is a very gluey procedure. Zainab was so kind and did it. Normally we’re using plastic gloves.

The jackfruit is definitely one of our most favorite fruits on earth. Unfortunately you have to travel a long way to get them. But imported jackfruit chips are also mouth-watering.


3 thoughts on “Jackfruits in Brazil

  1. Jaca! Ganz besonderen Geschmack …
    In Rondonia, Amazonas und Roraima, müssen Sie den cupuaçu Saft trinken.
    Willkommen in Brasilien!

    • Olá amigos!
      vocês ja passaram por Roraima?
      quando estiverem por aqui, entrem em contato comigo.
      sou presidente do Clube do Fusca de Roraima.
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      rony.benjamin@hotmail.com ou por celular
      95 8123-6959
      Traduzido By Google Translator

      Hello friends!
      you’ve gone through Roraima?
      when they are here, contact me.
      I am chairman of the VW Club of Roraima.
      contacts from my email
      rony.benjamin @ hotmail.com or by phone
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  2. My region have a lot of jackfruit trees, its very easy to find then on quintandas (fruit shops) over there.
    Its really a “gluey job” to open it! ;-D
    Nice to see that you found a good thing over there, not just bad things like Beetle cemiteries. 😉
    Have a nice trip back!

    Jaú – SP – Brazil

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