Brazilian Cemetery

We entered Brazil coming from Paraguay. On our way through Brazil we passed a junk yard for air-cooled Volkswagens. But it was more like a burial site for “Fuscas” – that’s how they call Beetles in this country. Rest in peace!


3 thoughts on “Brazilian Cemetery

  1. Dear, Dominikus and Zainab, congratulations on your trip! In Brazil there are thousands of fans of the Volkswagen Beetle, here called Beetle. We still have thousands of copies running around and several clubs maintaining their cars. The story of you has just been published in the magazine “Fusca & Cia”, flagship publication of the VW universe here. It would be very interesting and amazing to be able to find them in Sao Paulo (where the VW was made ​​in Brazil) and Rio de Janeiro, the two largest cities in our country! Think of the idea, because they are invited! Like many here, I’m in love with this car! A good journey to you! Greetings!! (o \ ! / o)
    Andrei Vibly Teixeira
    São Paulo / Brazil

  2. Schöne Fotos! Schrottplatz Bilder sind immer interessant… Wenn diese Bilder einige Käfer zeigen, viel besser!

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