Rage Against The Water Machine

People like Andreas Schülein from Sugenheim, Germany, write about about our journey of “34 Ponys around the Globe”. Andi found us on the internet and got in touch with us.

By clicking the picture you can visit Andi’s personal website about his passion for old air-cooled VWs. It is called “Rage Against The Water Machine”. At this juncture we want to say thank you to Andi and all the others who are following Herbie’s World Tour!


7 thoughts on “Rage Against The Water Machine

  1. Hi
    Thanks for following my blog:)
    Your blog and trip is awesome.. Cool that you have been in Norway. I will definitely follow your journey in the future:) Herbie is Awesome!! Good luck

    Cheers Molly the vw camper

  2. If Andi reads English and I’m sure he does, can you suggest he link to our blog? I don’t read German and I can figure out how to contact him through his blog. He and his followers might be interested in our adventures. Thanks
    Janet and Ed

  3. Hallo ihr Beiden!
    Schön daß ihr auf unserem blog vorbeigeschaut habt! Habe leider erst vor kurzen von eurem Trip erfahren, aber seitdem bin ich natürlich immer auf dem Laufenden! Hoffe ihr habt das LiMa-Problem mittlerweile in den Griff bekommen?! Drück euch die Daumen und wünsche alles Gute für die Weiterreise!
    Beste Grüße aus dem winterlichen Niederbayern

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