Monday, Monday

After so many delays of the vessel we were so happy to see Herbie, our No. 53, again! But since that we’re going through a martyrdom. Domi had to take dynamo out of the engine two times. Finally we got it fixed but there is still one thing missing – a new regulator. Because of the weekend we have to wait until late Monday to receive the new one. We had to order it from Barranquilla, another city on the Caribbean coast of the Atlantic further up Northeast. Hopefully everything will work out and we’ll be able to leave Cartagena on Tuesday.


3 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. Hallo Ihr Zwei,
    leider bin ich erst jetzt auf Eure tolle Reise aufmerksam geworden.
    Ihr habt einen neuen Wegbegleiter.
    Was gibt es schöneres, als die Welt in einem alten VW kennen zu lernen?
    Die schönen Fotos lassen uns an der Reise teil haben.

    Dank dafür und gute Reise, Glückauf vom Ralli

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