Cartagena, Colombia (No. IV)

We are still in Cartagena, capital of the Bolívar Department and fifth-largest city in Colombia, aka the “Capital of the Caribbean”. Herbie’s ship has arrived today but we were not able to deliver him from the harbor as we couldn’t comply with all formalities. Therefore we have to wait until Monday in order to proceed. It is a bit hard to know that our companion Herbie is already here but we can’t get to him.


2 thoughts on “Cartagena, Colombia (No. IV)

  1. Hey, at least Herbie is in the Dock ( :
    I missed Herbie too, on the Pictures…

    But, Tomorrow is Monday, and the Bug will roll of the Ship,
    sure! The Wind has whisper it in my Ear, Haha! So long, ANDI

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