Not yet, Herbie!

Herbie’s vessel, the “Global Leader”, should arrive in Cartagena of the West Indies by tomorrow, according to its latest prediction. On January 26 we had to say “good-bye” to our lovely Bug. We miss him a lot! Hopefully we’ll get him back very soon.

Today we saw a Volkswagen Beetle here in Colombia for the first time – against one’s expectations in a pretty good shape, if you think of the harsh climate down here.

Regarding to its hood it seems to be a Bug with 1,600 cc and the owner might be a Christian. However the car is definitely registered in Cartagena (see license plates).

Before we’ll be able to welcome Herbie again, we have to go through a lot of bureaucratic procedures. First and foremost we have to obtain the original Bill of Lading (B/L) in order to receive a temporary import permit from the local custom authorities.


2 thoughts on “Not yet, Herbie!

  1. Ugh. Reminds us of our trials getting the cars cleared into and out of China. A very lengthy experience. We don’t envy you right now! Ed has installed mud flaps and a full body harness and a new rally computer for this next experience. Every rally has its own rules and regulations and this one is no exception!
    Janet and Ed

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