Naked Herbie

We are back in the States! On Thursday we got back here in order to take Herbie for another trip.

Herbie is getting new decals by AtoZ Graphics here in Ridgecrest, California, right now. Yesterday we saw him naked the first time in many years.

On As soon as Herbie gets his stripes and numbers back, we will take him for another road trip across the United States.

Many thanks to our dear friend Randy who’s always caring for Herbie when we are back home!


2 thoughts on “Naked Herbie

  1. Hey Guys,lovely to hear from you again. So Herbie is getting decked out in some new gear that is great,nothing is too good for our Herbie’s I say.
    My husband and I were filling up with petrol the other day ( and as I have mentioned before we have a 1961 Herbie ) and a lovely chap came racing across to us and said that is the loveliest thing I have seen all day.
    Naturally I thought he was talking about me ( l.o.l. ) but no…. he was making comment on our Herbie.Bless him – he made our day.
    Must away stay safe….peace and love.

    Warm Regards

    Margaret xx

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