Back Home in Austria!

Thank you for following our trip traveling across the US Southwest! We spent two wonderful months in the United States and just got back home to Austria, Europe.


4 thoughts on “Back Home in Austria!

  1. Hey Sainab & Domi…… Isn’t that what they say guys,nice to go on holidays but always lovely to come home again.Welcome back and thank you for your photos, emails, etc during your trip. To you Herbie you did your job and got Sainab and Domi home safely,you are an amazing little fella and I love you to bits.Maybe you can have your holiday now and take it easy till next time.Love and best wishes to you all…let’s know when you are travelling again so i can look forward to more exciting news xx
    Margaret 70ish& Herbie 61/62 Model

  2. Wellcome backups home! Thank you for the interesting stories, wonderful photos and sharing your traveling with Herbie with all of us!!!

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