!!! 200,000 km Around The World !!!

Herbie made incredible 200,000 kilometers through 80 countries on 6 continents!
Thank you so much, Herbie, for every single mile
you drove us around the world and never let us down!
Domi & Zainab


2 thoughts on “!!! 200,000 km Around The World !!!

  1. Here Here !! Yes Onya Herbie for looking after Zainab & Domi….all your little brothers ( & maybe sisters lol ) do a fine job of looking after us VW fanatics.My Herbie is the only car I have ever had & will be the only one I will ever want,looked after my family & I since 1981…
    Keep plugging along guys…take care.

    Margaret 70ish & Herbie 61/62 Model

    P.S Thank goodness my other half looks after Herbie mechanically,I just drive it & take all the credit when folk come up and tell us how they used to have one & loved it,or do I want to sell it….uh uh silly question I tell them,Herbie belongs to me & no amount of $$$$$$ will ever change my mind. I love it when the kids sing out ” Punch Buggie Cheers !!!

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