5 thoughts on “Happy, happy 30th Birthday, Zainab! We all love you so much!

  1. ¡¡¡ Hey HAPPY BIRTH DAY !!!
    I hope you enjoyed your whole day, your self, the flat and the tall bug on your side and ol’ America!!!
    Have a good ride into your 31th year of life starting with damn Sin City!!
    Rock it as if you would never grow old!
    Happy birthday and all my best wishes!

  2. A Very Happy Birthday to you Zainab,enjoy your special day.
    Best Wishes and Regards.
    Margaret 70ish & Herbie 61/62 Model

    P.S.I tried to send a smiley along with this for you but modern technology got the better of me.
    Just imagine there is one on here. lol !!!!

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