There’s more to come!

In Colorado we were facing rain and on our way up Northwest entering Wyoming we had to cope with pretty rough headwinds, making it though for Herbie to keep up speed. Today we stopped in another town named Green River for the night.

Tomorrow we’ll probably enter Utah again in order to head further West as we want to stick to the Southwestern US this time. We don’t have that much time like during our world tour, therefore we pretty much want to stay in our most favorite places.

What is yet to come? We’re actually planning to visit Reno and Las Vegas, to drive Nevada’s so-called “Loneliest Highway”, to explore Bryce and Zion National Park another time and to stay in Ridgecrest, California, at least for a couple of days.


1 thought on “There’s more to come!

  1. Herbie is a real poser…lol.Keep travelling safe guys,you are living your dream….

    Margaret & Herbie 61-62 model Cheers

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