Where’s the Camper?

Even though it is much more expensive to travel without a trailer, we decided to leave our camper in California, because we are on the road for just only five weeks this time and we wanted to enjoy the advantages motels offer, just as showers, internet access, refrigerator and other comfy stuff like that.

This will be our last night in New Mexico. We are in Farmington, a city located in the very Northwestern part of the state. Tomorrow we’ll enter Arizona again in order to visit one of our most favorite places – Canyon de Chelly nearby Chinle.

The Love Bug is running pretty well! And we really love touring cross country with him! At the moment we’re making around 200 miles (or 320 kilometers) a day.

However, we want to thank you for still following Herbie’s World Tour after so many years of traveling! We’ll keep blogging and we hope you enjoy accompanying us!


3 thoughts on “Where’s the Camper?

  1. Great photos ! And I agree with Karl in India,Keep documenting your journey, because through your travels I get to see places that I would not otherwise see .Hope things are going well for you guys.
    Take care,

    Margaret 70 & Herbie 61/ 62 Model.
    Ipswich Q.L.D. Australia

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