Thank you, Michele Lee!

This is the most amazing wedding present! Michele Lee, the co-star in Walt Disney’s “The Love Bug”, congratulated us on our marriage by signing personal autographs for us. Lyle Gregory, dear friend and our Californian camp host, introduced Herbie’s World Tour to this lovely actress from Los Angeles. Thank you both so much for this!

Domi and Zainab – You  are as amazing as this car!” (by Michele Lee)

Domi and Zainab – The Red heartBug loves you!” (by Michele Lee)

Domi + Zainab, Happy Tour! Happy Herbie! Happy marriage!” (by Michele Lee 2014)


3 thoughts on “Thank you, Michele Lee!

  1. Excelente!!!!! e Increible!!!!
    Was für ein Geschenk.
    Me encantan todas las películas de Herbie!!!!
    Las vi todas y las tengo todas.
    Congratulations to Michelle Lee. !!! and to yout good Friend Lyle Gregory for de wonderful idea.


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