The Land of Dates

We are in love with dates ever since! On Herbie’s World Tour we got the chance to check them all out and we found the best of them all – and you may not believe it – in the United States of America. Here we’ve had the by far best Medjool dates world wide.

Our most favorite dates so far come from “Berryman Farms” in Bard, Southern California. These long standing date palm trees are irrigated by the world famous Colorado river.

Yesterday we just bought another bunch of delicious Medjool dates at “Berryman Farms” where we also met Roberto again – the head “palmero” of Berryman’s date ranch.

On our US road trip visiting all 48 lower states, we were hanging out for weeks and weeks in Yuma, Arizona, which is right on the other side of the impressive Colorado river.

As Zainab was spending a big part of her childhood in Egypt and in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), she has a deep bond with dates and of course their palm trees.

And as we headed towards Tucson, we stopped (as we’d always do) at the town and freeway travel center called “Dateland” in the Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona.

You cannot miss “Dateland” when you’re driving the freeway I-8 between Yuma to Tucson, although the biggest occurrence of date palm tree farms is in the Coachella Valley.

Before we came to the United States the first time, we’d never have thought that we could find here our most favorite dates in the whole world. We love to have them together with Pine refined coffee and unsalted raw crunchy almond butter (see above).


2 thoughts on “The Land of Dates

  1. hi you guys, i still remember with fondness our last day in Port Said Egypt when Geoff and I added three kilos weight to our little Hillman Imp, three kilos of dates that was. however you decided to up the ante somewaht and took on a whopping 60 kilos of dates to your already overladen little caravan tugging bug.
    Great to see you still on the road and the bug looks spotless and perfect!


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