Almost Two Years Later

The Last Ride for Herbie No. I” was in June 2012. After we’ve traveled to Mexico and South America, we left our Love Bug tucked away at a friend’s house (the world famous “West OZ House”) in Ridgecrest, California. Meanwhile we’ve toured all around Africa in Herbie No. II towing our very own house, the little camper QEK.

Since September 2009, we’ve driven more than 115,000 miles (or 186,000 km) across all drivable continents around the world and now we’re planning to get back to California, visiting our beloved companion Herbie and his friends from Ridgecrest.

Unfortunately it will be just a short visit compared to how long we stayed in the past. But we are eager to get there and we’re looking forward to meeting all our buddies. Almost two years later, Herbie’s going for a ride again! See you there in May!


1 thought on “Almost Two Years Later

  1. If you get to Tucson in your travels in the Arizona, let’s meet at Starbucks and I will buy like the first time we met in Yuma many years ago. Wishing you safe travels.

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