Buon Viaje, Monserrate!

The Spanish traveler, Monserrate Espinosa, who we’ve met the first time in Wadi Halfa, Sudan, stayed with us for almost two weeks in our hometown Klosterneuburg, Austria, after we had toured together trough Egypt, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary.

Yesterday Domi escorted Monserrate to the freeway “A2” from where he’s heading towards Italy and home. As Herbie is at the workshop right now, Friedrich lent us one of his “Jubilee Bugs”. But next weekend we’ll drive with our Love Bug to Salzburg!


5 thoughts on “Buon Viaje, Monserrate!

  1. Travel well and safe Monserrate and we look forward to welcoming you here in Joburg when you next travel south! also love to have the Herbie family here for a visit too!

  2. Glad to see you guys spent so much time together. Must have been great. Keep well and when is the next adventure?

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