Around the World in 80 Countries

We arrived back home! Safely! Herbie made it again – and this while pulling a caravan the long way round Africa. Our dream of traveling this last missing continent (except Antarctica of course) became actually reality. Since September 2009 we visited 80 countries while driving two Volkswagen Beetles from 1963 with campers in tow for more than 115,000 miles (or 185,000 kilometers) around the globe.

We need a break and Herbie a pit stop! Therefore we’ll stay home for quite a while before hitting the road again. But there is more to come! What about Alaska!? Herbie’s World Tour is not over yet! The Love Bug’s still got the Travel Bug!


13 thoughts on “Around the World in 80 Countries

  1. Congratulation Herbie, Zainab and Domi.
    And thank you for sharing;
    I following your blog whith open eyes on the beautiful pictures.

    I will wait for the book..;-)

    Best regards,
    Eric, with my 2cv air-cooled …;-)

  2. You folks have zig-zagged your way across America but have seen only a small portion of Canada. It seems to me that if you’re entertaining Alaska then more of Canada is a gimme!

    Thanks for the vicarious adventure – All the best!
    Michael (Vancouver)

  3. Well done Domi and Zainab. An extraordinary achievement, you two intrepid adventurers.
    And, what a feather in the cap of the BEETLE!
    Keep on sending e-mails as you plan for and go on your next tour. I thoroughly enjoyed keeping tabs on your progress.


    Alwyn du Preez
    Port Elizabeth
    South Africa

  4. Well Done Herbie and Crew – Domi and Zainab,
    I wish you all the best, have a nice pit stop and thank you for sharing this great experience.

    PS have you thought about publishing a book?
    I think this 80 countries journey with VW it is going to attract lots of attention

  5. Great Domi. Only a Beetle can do this and still be in great shape. Looks like Russia is still waiting for you and Zainab. Have a great time.
    Koos and Esme’ JBC

  6. “Well Done Herbie & All Those Who Have Made Dreams Become Realities”
    “Enjoy The Well Earned Pitstop As You All Recharge For The Next Adventure”

  7. Congratulations on completing your journey! I have been following you posts for a while and you have my full admiration for being true adventurers.

    I keep dreaming about hitting the road myself one day to circumvent the globe (in my beach buggy) but sadly I seem to have got myself stuck in the rat race =(

    All the best for the future

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